The Well

I love this picture of Jesus by the well with the Samaritan woman. The artwork is by a French artist so able to capture the deep perception of Jesus at work. (You can find these paintings, cards, and posters on the website.)

I’ve entitled this blog By the Well because the encounter between Jesus and the woman in the fourth chapter of John so aptly depicts discipleship. Jesus drew me to the well some 30 years ago. As I attempt to abide there with Him, the story is a continual source of instruction and inspiration for working with women living in poverty at Christ Kitchen. (For more about Christ Kitchen, visit or click on the links on this page.)

Discipleship by the well in all its many forms will be the main topic of this blog. I pray that it will encourage you also. Just as Jesus went deliberately to Samaria to meet the woman at the well, he beckons all of us to follow him into the valleys and alleys of our towns. Masterfully, he shows us how to talk with societies outcasts, address their shortcomings, and love them into the Kingdom. With equal mercy, he mentors his disciples who have never talked with such women. “Follow me,” Jesus calls, “I’ll make you fishers of people.” He shows us the way, his way, to finding our true selves through service to the ‘least of these’. He offers women of the streets and women of the church a mentored path of transformation, one that enables both to say that they really have found the Savior of the world.

I’d love to chat with you as you consider these writings.
In His Way,

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